Wrought iron fence installation Wichita Falls

Our wrought iron fences’ timeless and historic ambiance makes them a few of our most popular fences. With gorgeous aesthetics and cutting-edge technology in the production process, our customers have learned the long-lasting beauty of the wrought iron fence’s traditional slick look.

We use heavy gauge galvanized steel that is given a several step coating process. The pickets are attached with grooved rails and clips method that involves no welding. Additionally, all our iron fences have been applied with a powder coating procedure. This powder coating procedure includes a several step cleaning procedure and has a generously applied corrosion resistant epoxy powder primer. In other words, this procedure makes our iron fences highly rust-resistant. We build them to last and throw in a warranty to make sure. Our wrought iron fences can be used for commercial or residential clients.

We’ve got the ability and experience to handle any fencing needs. We have and will install our custom wrought iron fences for commercial jobs. These include:

  • Public and private schools
  • Town and county parks
  • Public transportation stations
  • Athletic facilities
  • Company facilities

If your fence need is for residents like a gate or small custom wrought iron fence, we could customize a wrought iron fence to meet your specific condition. You can trust that our designs will make your place stand. Your practice wrought iron fence will reach your containment, privacy, and safety needs while providing mind turning results.

Ornamental fence Wichita Falls


We’re the #1 Wrought Iron Fence Company serving all Wichita Falls, TX. As installers, we must use the best quality steels and irons and provide our customers with the best options. We offer a variety of metals in Wrought Iron, Steel, and Aluminum Fencing. Our wrought iron fences and gates are manufactured and affordable by professional. You can be sure that your fence or gate won’t crack or break under hard use. Our wrought iron fencing and gates are constructed for both residential homes and business clients. 

Commercial security fence Wichita Falls

Adding wrought iron fencing and gates can raise the value of your home or business. Keep your house safe and deter unwanted burglars. You can choose our wrought iron fencing and gates in several styles and designs, such as vertical wrought iron fences, security wrought iron fences, and privacy steel fencing.

​We build each wrought iron fence like we’re installing at our home. While these fences might require a more considerable investment than Chain Link, Wood, or Vinyl, they’re worth every dime. Perfect for home fence installation, parking lots, safety gates, pools, and yards. Wrought iron has the ideal aesthetic for any home or business. As a Wrought Iron Fence Company in Wichita Falls, we understand the manufacturing process and build a secure fence and driveway gate.




Durability and longevity are what wrought iron fences are known for. Made out of steel, aluminum, and iron, each fence we build is created by our professional welders and set up by our expert crew of fence contractors. Wrought Iron fencing installment most often happens to meet and comply with pool safety regulations. Attaching self-closing hinges on all gates is crucial when after pool code. Using Steel frames for almost any gate will boost its lifespan, as steel does not expand or change based on weather. This means your gate will never catch or stick. Instead, you may experience a smooth open and close each moment.

Iron fence repair Wichita Falls

Ornamental iron fencing is today’s substitute for the classical wrought iron fence. Our fences are made from stainless steel and are mainly designed to add security, beauty, and personality to your house. These fences work well for any property type, from private homes to apartment complexes to office buildings. They are sometimes used to boost the security and privacy of your home, close off a pool area out of young kids, and to keep your pets safely within your lawn.​

Wrought Iron Hand Rails

Wrought Iron handrail installment in Wichita Falls is more common for both residential and business customers. Our handrails are correctly quantified and fabricated to the job scope while, at the same time, meeting any safety codes and regulations. Ornamental handrails are also available for set up and modern horizontal rails for those mid-century contemporary houses. Also, we install stair handrails for interior and exterior use in addition to balcony handrails.


Wichita Falls Fences installs all kinds of decorative iron fencing in Wichita Falls. Ornamental iron fences provide a similar security benefit as chain link but are far more aesthetically pleasing and decorative.

​Not only are our iron fences and gates a beautiful enhancement to your property, but they’re also low maintenance and very functional.

Commercial metal fence Wichita Falls

Materials Used in Wrought Iron

  • Galvanized Steel – Products/materials are primed and powder coated to Give a low-maintenance, highly durable fence that retains the timeless appeal of wrought iron

Benefits of Wrought Iron

  • Resistant to rust and rust
  • Require little to no upkeep
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • 15-year life span

Our high-quality custom made iron fences and gates are designed to meet any residential or industrial need. This type of fence is lasting, easy to install, and includes a classic appeal. Suppose you’re looking for a fence that will not need painting, repairs, or regular maintenance. If that’s the case, a decorative metal fence is a great alternative. As it’s made from rust-resistant substances, your fence will keep its good looks through years of Wichita Falls scorching summers.



Our professional contractors have years of experience building all sorts of fencing and gates in Wichita Falls. We enjoy having the ability to help clients construct fences and educate them on keeping their fence to last quite a while. We ensure that we will impart enough knowledge to know exactly what you need to accomplish your project after visiting your job site. We leave no stone unturned.

Service & Reliability

The construction market is notorious for no-shows and postponed deadlines. We know that things happen, but we carry our guarantees seriously and want you to know that you’re our number one priority. Communication is a huge deal, so if you’re a prospective customer or a paying customer, we make sure to speak with you about the scheduling and your project’s steps. We put a lot of pride in customer service and dependability. You can rely on us to be on time and on schedule.

Honesty & Craftmanship

​Our team builds fences as if they were making a fence to get at their own residence. Many builders will cut corners to finish a job and collect a check. However, what we care most about is that your fence or gate is set up straight and that it lasts you beyond what you expect. We’ll never do things the easy way; we believe in doing things the right way. High-quality materials are the only option when ensuring the fence we put in will endure for many years to come. If you’re still on the fence around constructing your job, give us a call or complete a form to speak to a number of our experts who will answer any question you have. We are always here to help, not sell.